About IntenseTech

Logan Gray has a wide-ranging interest in computers, programming and technology for the benefit of others. He brings decades of experience with all things technology-based to help small business owners advance in their industries. Logan is also very honest and direct. He works closely with business owners to assess and design systems that are efficient, lean and reliable. The IntenseTech team brings varied expertise to create new websites, databases, in-house networks, as well as troubleshoot or repair your computer issues onsite, whenever possible.

MISSION: IntenseTech is essentially a small business technology solutions company. Our mission is to help small businesses, and to serve as their part-time system/network administrators, consultant, trainer and implementer. We try to ensure our clients don’t spend too much money on things they don’t need; make sure they are using the right equipment and software for their needs; set up their network; and we make sure their computer environment is standardized and stable – in other words, doesn’t crash! We do not oversell our clients or overkill their networks.

STAFF: Logan Gray, Senior Tech, currently works with a number of designers on web based projects: Typically, Logan is involved in doing the developer / backend work associated with database driven websites.