How We Work

Our Philosophy — How We Work

Our philosophy is simple: we work hard for you, with honesty, dedication and courtesy, and we prefer to work for polite and courteous clients. As you can choose your preferred tech person, we also reserve the right to only work for considerate clients. As a rule, we don’t tolerate rudeness.

Our formula for success:

  • Stay calm and focused – yelling hasn’t fixed a computer (or problem) yet
  • Define the problem
  • Contemplate, strategize, consider solutions
  • Solve the problem

We will not try to sell you technology or equipment that you don’t need or want. You can always upgrade and expand as your business grows.

Note: Unfortunately, many – if not most – computer consultant businesses will try to exploit your possibile lack of knowledge about technology, in the name of profit. We’re not about that at all. Many companies see money to be made in technology use – but the truth is, most of the technology that small companies need is fairly inexpensive.

Some other consulting companies sadly end up doing their job just to make money, not because they care about what they are doing.

Why We’re Different

Many IT companies provide repair services, but don’t have the fundamental understanding of your programs and network. We look at your business, at the flow of work, and create solutions that make you more organized, efficient and secure. We provide consulting services as well as repair and troubleshooting. Anything from setting up QuickBooks for multi-user access to suggesting better ways to manage your technology, IntenseTech is the only tech you’ll need.

In the best case scenario, we will assess your network and provide comprehensive documentation. You meet one-on-one with the owner of IntenseTech. We will try to respond immediately for emergency priority issues, and normally schedule all other issues in a time that is convenient for the client..


We have over 500 clients in our books. A list of referrals is available at your request. We prefer to keep our list of clients private, but if you would like to send us a note to put online, we’d love to let others know what you say about us.