IntenseTech — IT Support for Small Businesses

Service Area

IntenseTech is currently located in the San Diego, California area.
Feel free to give us a call if you’re not sure. We will go anywhere in the metro area, but prefer to stay within 35 miles of our home bases so we can provide complete, timely service. Less time on the road means more time solving problems.

Hours of Operation

We work by appointment, mainly Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm PST.
After hours support is also available.

What to Expect

Generally, there are three client types that we have.

  1. Web Project Clients: Clients that hire us to create / clean up their website, or add additional functionality to their existing site.
  2. Quick Fix Clients: Occasional small business clients, run by one or two people, who have simple virus issues or minor hardware fixes needed on their 1-2 computer systems.
  3. Network Management Clients: The majority of our clients. These clients want all their technology information organized clearly, and want their network and computers to be standardized, stable, and routinely maintained. This work can only be done after an “Initial Assessment.”

Initial Assessment

Step 1: Define the Problem.
Initially, IntenseTech prefers to create a comprehensive network analysis document for all small business clients. Most businesses, regardless of size, have vital information scattered among various different employees. We believe it is imperative to have all your technology – computers, networks, website, and servers – profiled in one place. If anything should go wrong and the key person is unreachable, out of town, or has suddenly left the company, your business might become severely crippled.

Step 2. Organize & Document the Information.
When you schedule a meeting with IntenseTech, your first meeting will be with Logan Gray, owner and operator of the company. He will discuss your problems and needs with you. If you have your own server, network, and Internet access, he will examine your systems and document computer types and IDs (useful for calling manufacturers in case of problems), server and network configuration , and authentication information.

Step 3. Solve the Problem, with the Right Information.
After this initial assessment, IntenseTech will be able to assist you both remotely and onsite with little time spent on locating people, files or passwords that may otherwise have been difficult to find. After years of performing this service, we have developed a thorough and efficient system for maintaining pertinent information for our clients.